Tutorial: How to convert a 2D photo to a 3D Scan and extract measurements.

October 27, 2020


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How to convert a 2D photo to a 3D Scan and extract measurements.

We are pleased to announce the version release of the “image to scan” application. Measurements can be done on a 2D image of a human being, it can be converted to a 3D scan using https://image2scan.3dmeasureup.com/.

The video will help you to understand how to load an image, generate the scan, and upload it to 3D Measure Up for extracting measurements.

Steps to convert the image/photo to a 3D model 

  • Choose the image from device storage by clicking on the “Choose File” button. The selected image will be displayed in the left panel. For best results choose an image of a single person standing in front of a blank background.
  • Click the “Start Conversion” button to start the conversion process. It takes around 15 to 30 seconds to convert.
  • After the 3D model is generated it is displayed on right. You can inspect the 3D model by pressing the left mouse button and dragging the mouse to the left or right and up or down.
  • To upload the scan to the 3D Measure UP application, click on the “Launch 3D Measure Up” button.
  • Within the 3D Measure Up application, auto-align the model and click on the Auto Measure.


The links below describe how to extract measurements and perform operations on the model with 3D Measure UP.


Feel free to try it out.

To know more about the Measurement of Photo to 3d model  and 2d image to 3d model, please visit www.3dmeasureup.com. Click here to signup for a free trial of 2D Photo to a 3D Scan (OBJ file), or contact us at 3dmeasureup@prototechsolutions.com

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