Measuring Planes for extracting accurate measurements

September 3, 2020




Measuring Planes for extracting accurate measurements

We are going to talk about the lines, axes, and measuring body planes that are considered while taking measurements.
The precise location of the landmarks and position of various reference points for the rationale of taking body measurements can be best understood by first getting familiar with different measuring planes and axis of the body.


The cardinal planes of the body


The sagittal plane or anteroposterior plane is the plane that is parallel to the vertical plane and divides the whole body into two parts, right and left. 

A median plane is a plane that passes longitudinally through the middle of the body from front to back in such a way that it divides the body into right and left halves.

Landmark/MeasurementMeasured along Plane3D Measure Up Metric
Mid Eyebrow RidgeMid-Sagittal PlaneCentre Point Of Brow Ridge (214)
NoseMid-Sagittal PlaneNose Point (201)
ChinMid-Sagittal PlaneLowest Point Of Chin (202)
Adam’s AppleMid-Sagittal PlaneAdam’s Apple (209)
Front Neck PointMid-Sagittal PlaneFront Neck Point (203)
Back Neck pointMid-Sagittal PlaneBack Neck Point (219)
Center of ChestMid-Sagittal PlaneCentre Chest Point (204)
Crotch PointMid-Sagittal PlaneCrotch Point (236)
Crotch LengthMid-Sagittal PlaneTotal Crotch Length(307)
Underbust to Hip lengthMid-Sagittal PlaneUnderbust-Hip (306)
Scye DepthMid-Sagittal PlaneScye Depth Length (308)
Back neck point to waistMid-Sagittal PlaneBack Neck Point To Waist (309)
Front neck point to waistMid-Sagittal PlaneFront Neck Point To Waist (310)
Back neck point to kneeMid-Sagittal PlaneBack Neck Point To Knee (327)
Back neck point to GroundMid-Sagittal PlaneBack Neck Point To Ground (328)


Parasagittal planes are parallel to the median plane. These measuring planes are used to identify landmarks at the intersection with the body surface, coronal plane  or transverse planes

Coronal or Frontal Anthropometry plane: The measuring plane which is at a right angle to the sagittal plane and dividing the body into front and rear parts is the frontal plane. 

Measurement/LandmarkMeasured along plane3D Measure Up Metric
Left Side Neck pointMid-Coronal planeLeft Side Neck Point (218)
Right Side Neck pointMid-Coronal planeRight Side Neck Point (217)
Right ShoulderMid-Coronal planeRight Shoulder Point (211)
Left ShoulderMid-Coronal planeLeft Shoulder Point (210)
Left TragionMid-Coronal planeLeft Tragion Point (212)
Right TragionMid-Coronal planeRight Tragion Point (213)
Right Outer Ankle pointMid-Coronal planeRight Outer Ankle Point (224)
Left Outer Ankle pointMid-Coronal planeLeft Outer Ankle Point (225)
CrotchMid-Coronal plane
Left Shoulder LengthMid-Coronal planeLeft Shoulder Length (301)
Right Shoulder lengthMid-Coronal planeRight Shoulder Length (302)
Left side waist to hip lengthMid-Coronal planeLeft Side Waist To Hip (311)
Right side waist to hip lengthMid-Coronal planeRight Side Waist To Hip (312)


Transverse or axial plane: This plane is at right angles to the sagittal and transverse planes dividing the body into the upper and lower part. Measurements along this plane are typically girths or circumferences. Transverse planes are also inserted at different levels of the body like the head, neck, chest, waist, hip, thigh, and knee. 

Measurement/LandmarkMeasured along the transverse plane3D Measure Up Metric
Head EndHead EndHead End (102)
Neck EndNeck EndNeck End (103)
Shoulder circumferenceShoulderShoulder (104)
ChestChestChest (105)
Chest EndChest EndChest End (106)
BellyBellyBelly (107)
WaistWaistWaist (108)
Hip/ButtButtButt (109)
CrotchCrotchCrotch (110)
ThighThighLeft Thigh (141),
Right Thigh (142)
Mid ThighMid ThighLeft Mid Thigh (111),
Right Mid Thigh (112)
KneeKneeRight Knee (113),
Left Knee (114)
Mid CalfMid CalfLeft Mid Calf (115),
Right Mid Calf (116)
AnkleAnkleLeft Ankle (117),
Right Ankle (118)


Transverse planes on the limbs are perpendicular to the axis of the part of the limb.

The wrist and forearm circumferences are perpendicular to the axis of joining the wrist and elbow. The bicep circumference is perpendicular to the axis of joining the armpit point and the elbow.

The oblique plane divides the body at an angle between the horizontal and vertical planes. The oblique plane passes through two or more landmarks at different levels or angles. The oblique plane is used to define measurements like slopes and tilts.

Note: The position of a landmark may shift away from its plane depending on the posture of the person.

Measuring Planes for extracting accurate measurements

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